Software Architecture

Software architecture related note books.

Key Terms and Concepts in Software

An architect needs to have a good breadth and depth of technical knowledge. While depth is your expertise in certain area, breadth is the knowledge or exposure to a variety of different technologies and practices. This book will contain quick definitions to important technical terms and concepts that an aspirant software architect needs to know, which will help you to improve your breadth of knowledge. You may follow the links to learn deeper if you want.

Software Architecture Fundamentals

I am not yet an Architect, but on my way to be a good architect. So these are my study notes from the books/blogs I read, courses I take and conferences/meetups I attend. 

The MEAN Stack - Components, Variations and Ecosystem

MEAN stack is a collection of JavaScript-based technologies, namely MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. MEAN stack can be used to develop web applications easily and efficiently. However, this is just one of the combination and may use additional components too. You may also replace one or more of these components with other appropriate components. 

Introduction to Microservices